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- What do you want? - At that point, I was certain I’d give him anything.
- I want to sink so deep inside you that I leave a permanent mark. -   His teeth plunged into my neck, and my breath flew out of me. - Does that scare you?
- N-no, - I croaked.
- I want to be with you always. To crawl underneath your skin, live inside the life that runs through your every vein, and consume your every thought. - He kissed my neck. - Does that scare you?
- No.
Licking my thundering pulse, he rasped, - I want you to breathe me, to inhale to thoughts of me, and for you to exhale anything that stops me from overtaking every part of you. I want … - His breath stuttered, head rising to rest his forehead on mine. - To do to you exactly what you’ve done to me.
— Ella Fields, Bittersweet Always
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